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Precision Consult LLC specializes in assisting applicants in obtaining passports and visas for traveling to Ghana and other parts of the world. We work on your behalf and deal directly with each embassy, providing you with a convenient, hassle-free application process!

We have many years of visa and passport processing experience! Furthermore, our team of experienced consultants, cutting-edge online technologies, and extensive network of contacts give us an edge over other visas, passports, and Apostille service providers.

Services Offered

Precision Consult LLC is your single source for all of your visa, passport, and travel document processing needs! We offer a broad range of services that you can choose from, including:

  • Document Legalization

    We handle document legalization and certification for personal and corporate documents. We serve private individuals and corporations by having documents legalized by the appropriate embassies for submission outside the US.

  • Embassy Legalization and Apostille Services

    We offer professional document authentication, legalization, and attestation services. Through our services, we help customers obtain embassy legalization or Apostille for their documents from Ghana and other countries around the world.

    • Passport and Visa Services

      A dedicated consultant will help you with all of your passport and visa processing needs—assisting you from start to finish. They provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your request is processed in a timely, accurate manner.

  • Notarization of Documents

    Notarization of documents assures all parties involved that the document is authentic and can be trusted. We notarize a long list of documents, which include but is not limited to Sworn Statements, Powers of Attorney, Parental Consent for Travel, Deeds of Trust, Contracts, Certificates of Identity, and more.

  • Searches on Companies Registered in Ghana

    Are you looking for employment in Ghana? Are you planning to register a new company name or to file for a trademark in Ghana? To reduce the risk of personal, financial, and commercial risk, let us help you. We offer searches on companies registered in Ghana and provide you with reliable information, including commercial insight, credit-worthiness, employment information, and more.

  • Conducting Due Diligence on Companies Registered in Ghana

    Are you planning to conduct business or to form a business partnership with a company in Ghana? We urge you to conduct due diligence beforehand. Not sure what to do? Don’t worry! We can conduct due diligence on companies registered in Ghana on your behalf. We can review correspondence, check filings, identify legal representatives, and more.

  • Completion of Immigration Forms

    Filling our immigration forms and other travel documents can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly for first-time travelers. If you are worried about any aspect of your immigration application and processing, don’t worry! Our consultants are highly knowledgeable about immigration and can provide the help you need.

  • Acquisition of Documents from Institutions in Ghana

    Need to acquire documents from different businesses, corporations, or institutions in Ghana? If you don’t know what to do or where to start, let us help you! With our expertise and extensive network of contacts in Ghana, we can help you acquire all of the documents that you require.

  • Business registration in Ghana

Save Time and Money with Our Expertise

Navigating these processes is often frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. Each authority has different procedures, fees, and requirements. Moreover, consulates and embassies often make the process even more difficult due to political considerations. Rely on experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of embassy requirements and have ongoing relationships with embassy staff.

At Precision Consult LLC, our services are designed to handle your requests efficiently and hassle-free—from pricing to processing.

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